How to check to see if your anti virus software works.
For beginners who want to know weather or not there antivirus software is currently working, and you have reason to believe your antivirus program isn't reliable and that you currently have a virus on your computer, you may want to test your antivirus software for further investigation. Some antivirus programmers use this method to help test their software, they even make their own viruses to see if they developed their software correctly. Checking your antivirus software can be easily done by creating a simple ".com" file.

Check if your antivirus program is working or not!
To start your own virus, follow the below steps.
1.Begin a new text document (open notepad)
2.Paste the below code into text document (notepad)
3. Save this file as "All Files"

Within a couple of seconds your antivirus software should pick up the virus, if it doesn't you may need to update and or find another antivirus program.

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