How to download a blocked file that want download in firefox browser. Blocked may contain virus or spyware.
For Security Purposes many users upgrade from the standard Internet Explorer to a better open source browser such as Mozilla Firefox. However, better security features can be a little overprotective. For example when trying to download "IE Pass View" (a program that recovers lost or forgotten passwords by Internet Explorer) I get the error message in Firefox "Blocked: May contain virus or spyware". If you're like thousands of others with this same problem you've come to the right place. We'll show you how to bypass the security feature in Firefox.

How To: Bypass Firefox Security Feature

Firefox is one of the most popular browsers around, you can do a number of countless hacks if you learn to play around in about:config (Firefox configuration page). The about:config page is like the registry in windows, its the first place advanced users browse to get the most out of Firefox. And if you want to learn to how to bypass Firefox Security feature then it will be the first place you will browse.
Access about:config configuration page
Type about:config in the address bar.
If you done this correctly then you will see

Click I'll be careful, I promise! 

Now once you're in you'll need to search for the following string

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